Ladies, 4 Ways To Properly Care For Your Breasts

No matter what size breast a woman has, caring for them is critical in reducing chances of breast cancer and maintaining healthy tissues.

Need to know how to properly care for your breasts?

Take a look at these tips and get started today.

Daily Massage

Massaging the breasts daily helps to promote healthy cellular growth, further reducing one’s chances of contracting breast cancer. Use the time in the shower or while putting on lotion after a shower to massage the breasts in a circular motion with a firm pressure.This can also be a great way to incorporate a healthy habit during foreplay.

Self Exam

It’s recommended that women perform breast self exams once a month to check for irregular cellular growth also known as tumor growth. Doing this exam right out of the shower or right before entry into the shower is best. The first three fingers are used to massage around the entire breast in a circular motion making sure to check for any lumps, bruises or discoloration. Checking for abnormalities or discharge at the nipple is also recommended.

Pectoral exercises

Pectoral exercises help to build up the large muscle underneath the breasts that help keep the fat of the structure lifted and in place. To make sure breasts maintain a shape and remain healthy, perform sets of push-ups daily. Five sets of 10 reps would be an ideal daily goal.

Correct Bra Size

Over 60 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size, which can add to back pain and bad posture. To keep breasts healthy, get an accurate measurement done at a specialty shop that sells undergarments solely. Knowing what size is the correct size will create a more comfortable support system for breasts to grow and maintain shape.

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