MUST READ: How Nigerian OAPs Killed Radio With Fake Accents - By Etcetera

This must be the worst time to listen to radio in Nigeria. Consider some of the on-air-personalities, all they do is talk about what their favourite celebrities are wearing.

How easily manipulated and distracted can they be?

A fake accent has never been more glorified than today.

With on-air-personalities chasing celebrity status themselves, radio listeners are never going to get any unbiased assessment of issues.

The few independent thinkers amongst them who provide this unbiased assessment are being mocked and called boring people. How do you listen to an OAP on radio who only talks about cars, money and women for hours?

It is becoming a consensus on the streets that naija radio stations are becoming more boring with each passing day.

And I find it really sickening hearing the cry from radio station owners about how more and more people are turning to Alaba mix and blogs for their music these days.

Even the local tea sellers on the street prefer their MP3 compilation of songs than listening to any FM station. Most songs played on the radio today do not excite listeners.

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