Chris Brown Allegedly Sent This Old Email Rihanna Sent Him To His Friends

This old email pictured above which shows how demanding and needy Rihanna is was sent out by Chris to all his friends.

According to gossip website MediaTakeOut:

“We received an email that Rihanna sent to Chris Brown nearly when the two were dating.

The email shows just how needy Rihanna was in their relationship.

We removed the “from” field, but trus us this is 100% confirmed to have come from Rihanna. How did we get it, you ask?

Well Chris sent it to his homies – to show them how needy Rihanna is. And explain how he’s never getting back with her. So all you Chrianna fans…you can forget it!! Lol, serious something.

So there's no hope of Breezy and Riri getting back together then.

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