Two Centimetres Lower & I Would Be In A Wheelchair Today - Brazil Forward Neymar

Colombia's Juan Zuniga kneed Neymar in the back in Brazil's 2-1 quarter-final victory, ruling him out of the tournament.

Neymar said:

"I won't say he came to injure me, I don't
know what was going on in his head but
everyone who understands football can see that it wasn't a normal challenge," Neymar said.

"When you want to foul someone to stop a
game or stop a counter-attack, you kick their ankles, you push, you pull, but the way the ball was falling, it wasn't a normal game situation.

"Many of you say I am a diver and I don't
care that you say that.

I can defend myself when I can see what's going on around me.

"But I can't defend myself from what comes from behind.

What defends me in that situation is the rules and I couldn't defend myself from that and I was injured.

"God blessed me," a tearful Neymar added.
"If it had been another two centimetres I could be in a wheelchair today."

Neymar said Zuniga called him the next day to apologise but he stopped short of forgiving his rival for the challenge.

"I don't hate him, I don't hold a grudge,"
Neymar said. "But I don't feel anything."

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